Buckmore Park to focus on leisure karting by ceasing owner driver championship racing

Written by mr01 on 08 November 2017 at 12:59pm    21 comments

Buckmore Park to focus on leisure karting by ceasing owner driver championship racing.

Buckmore Park is to continue its investment in leisure and corporate karting in 2018 and has announced it will cease owner driver championship racing, Buckmore Park Kart Club (BPKC), following the completion of the 2017 race season in December. 

Buckmore Park has announced: “Over the past few years we have invested heavily in the circuit to continue to keep Buckmore’s reputation as the best kart circuit in the UK. Every year we welcome over 60,000 visitors to our circuit making us one of the South East’s most popular leisure attractions. In order to maintain our high standards we have decided to cease our owner driver championship. BPKC operates at a loss and relies on funding from our leisure kart business. As costs have increased and membership of the kart club has declined it has now become untenable to continue it.”

Buckmore Park maintain MSA circuit status so that MSA racing can continue with other promoters.

In 2015, Formula 1 World Champion, John Surtees purchased Buckmore Park and led an extensive programme to create the safest, most advanced kart circuit in the UK which resulted in Buckmore being named Circuit of the Year by Karting Magazine. Buckmore Park is one of the trickiest and most technical circuits in karting due to large elevation change, positive and negative camber, fast and slow corners.

“This decision has not been taken lightly. Karting clubs across the UK have seen a decline in traditional MSA owner-driver racing, which has led other karting tracks to cease their owner driver championships.”

“We would like to thank all our Club members and race teams for their support over the years and we would also like to acknowledge the many race officials and the Buckmore Park staff who have worked hard to deliver a first-class service. We recognise the efforts of our Competition Secretary, Sheila Rose, for her long-standing work and her dedication. Special gratitude goes to our Clerk of the Course, Martin Bean, who became the de facto chief executive of the Club and helped the team and our late President, John Surtees, to bring Super One and the ‘O’ Plate back to Buckmore and single handedly assembled and led a first-class team of officials.”